Class SuspendExecution

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    public final class SuspendExecution
    extends java.lang.Exception

    An exception used to initiate the control transfer. Methods which are declared to throw this exception are "suspendable". This exception must always be propagated and never be caught.

    Try/catch handlers are allowed:
    try{ doSomething(); } catch(Throwable ex) { handleException(ex); }

    Quasar instrumentation will enhance the bytecode of these methods to support suspension and continuation of their execution; they will not catch SuspendExecution.

    This class is for internal Quasar use. Throwing an instance of this class or a subclass of it will break things in strange ways.

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      protected SuspendExecution()  
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      java.lang.Throwable fillInStackTrace()  
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      • SuspendExecution

        protected SuspendExecution()
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        public java.lang.Throwable fillInStackTrace()
        fillInStackTrace in class java.lang.Throwable