Class DefaultFiberScheduler

  • public class DefaultFiberScheduler
    extends java.lang.Object
    The default FiberScheduler used to schedule fibers that do not specify a particular scheduler. The properties of the default scheduler can be set with system properties:
    • "co.paralleluniverse.fibers.DefaultFiberPool.parallelism" - the number of threads in the default scheduler. By default, set equal to the number of available cores.
    • "co.paralleluniverse.fibers.DefaultFiberPool.exceptionHandler" - the name of the class to be used as the UncaughtExceptionHandler (an instance is constructed using a public default constructor)
    • "co.paralleluniverse.fibers.DefaultFiberPool.monitor" - the monitor type used to monitor the underlying ForkJoinPool. May be "JMX" (the defualt), "METRICS", or "NONE".
    • "co.paralleluniverse.fibers.DefaultFiberPool.detailedFiberInfo" - whether the fibers monitor collects detailed information about running fibers. May be "true" or "false" (the default)
    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultFiberScheduler

        public DefaultFiberScheduler()